Course Details

B.Sc. Physician Assistant or Bachelor of Science in Physician Assistant is a 3 years +1 year (academic + internship) degree program affiliated with The West Bengal University of Health Sciences. Physician Assistant is a skilled healthcare professional who is qualified with academic and clinical training to provide health care services under the supervision of a specialist. The training that they receive equips them to provide diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive healthcare services. The course is designed to train the student in examining and treating patients, order and interpret laboratory x-rays and perform the diagnosis. Physician Assistant also has several other responsibilities such as treating minor injuries, preparing and preserving progress notes and performing certain managerial duties. The growing popularity of Physician Assistant has been drawing several paramedical enthusiasts towards the career.

Program Objectives

The specific educational objectives of the course aim at favoring the following competencies:

  • To study the Foundation of Physician Assistant
  • To improve the knowledge through clinical exposure and research.
  • To study in depth about Physician Assistant and develop expertise in the subject.
  • Develop and learn efficient teaching techniques to become an ideal teacher.
  • Ascertaining and monitoring the needs of patients while operating in a comprehensive fashion so as to guarantee physical, psychological and social well-being.
  • Motivating the choices of intervention according to criteria of scientific evidence.
  • Collaborating in activities of clinical research and training.

Program Outcome

Physician Assistant is a branch of the medical field. Physician Assistant is a trained medical professional to provide service to patients. Physician Assistant will work under the guidance of specialized doctors. The role of Physician Assistants is: Examine the patients to identify their problem, conducting tests and interpreting the test reports, make diagnoses of those diseases, treat for minor injuries patients, prescribe medications, etc. Bachelor of Science in Physician Assistant trainee students in anatomy, physiology, organic chemistry, psychology. A Bachelor of Science in Physician Assistant student will work as an intern in their last semester in any of the clinical centers to get experience and practical knowledge about the subject. Physician Assistants can provide patients with extreme care and support in almost every medical and surgical treatment.

Career Opportunity

Physician Assistant is the main role in any of the health organizations. Bachelor of Science in Physician Assistant provides many opportunities for graduates. They have jobs in both the private and government sectors. The employment of a Physician Assistant is increased to 31% due to the requirement in health organizations. Bachelor of Science in Physician Assistant government jobs: In government hospitals or government clinical enters the use of Physician Assistant is huge. Most of the operations in hospitals are taken care of by physicians. The jobs are like:

  • Medical Assistant
  • Drug Safety associate
  • Ortho Physician Assistant
  • Personal Health Facilitator
  • Government physician assistant
  • Teacher or professor for government college
  • Physician and surgeons assistant
  • Medical assistant