BSc in Medical Laboratory Technology

Programme Overview

Medical labs are an essential section of medicine. The School of Paramedical Sciences provides, B. Sc. in Medical Lab Technology, which prepares candidates for this area of medicine. The prospects in Medical Lab Technicians depend on the academic and technical skills of a technician.

Initially, they join any laboratory as a Certified Medical Laboratory Technician. With adequate knowledge and experience, Medical Laboratory Technologists can advance to supervisory or management positions in laboratories and hospitals. The faculty at the college as well ensures that the students get the best of education and required training for their profession.

Programme Objectives

The B. Sc in Medical Lab Technology is a 3 years +6 months (academic + internship) degree program affiliated with The West Bengal University of Health Sciences is drafted with the following objectives:

To impart basic knowledge and skills involved in disease diagnosis with special emphasis on the techniques and interpretation of lab examinations of various types of clinical samples.

To train students to work in conjunction with a multidisciplinary team for technical work at a medical lab.

To pursue further qualification to attain senior position in the professional field and also to keep abreast with the recent advances, new technology and research.

Programme Outcomes

The B.Sc. In Medical Lab Technology programme will equip the students with the fundamental understanding and skills related to different techniques of disease diagnosis. They will be competent of being gainfully employed in diagnostic laboratories, hospitals and health care institutes or they may also opt for higher studies and research.

Career Path

The Health Sciences aspirants are dedicated to higher and better quality of career opportunities in the field. After course completion, the potential candidates with their given skill set and aptitude scores, can enter either of the following career paths:

  • Private hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Blood banks
  • Pathology laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • Jobs in Teaching and Education
  • Diagnostic kit manufacturing
  • Diagnostic laboratory
  • Public health laboratory