Bachelor in Physiotherapy

Programme Overview

Bachelor in Physiotherapy is a 4 years +1 year (academic + internship) degree program affiliated with The West Bengal University of Health Sciences. As one of the top bachelor’s colleges in Kolkata, West Bengal, we are 100% dedicated to providing the highest and the best quality of education to the aspiring students so that they can have a wonderful life and a great career that are waiting for them ahead. Physiotherapy is a profession, highly credible and natural medical treatment to improve quality of life.

The primary focus of physiotherapy is the restoration of function. Physiotherapists are primary health care professionals who assess and diagnose the problem, then plan and administer treatment programs that aim to restore function or minimize dysfunction after disease or injury. Physiotherapists strive to improve an individual quality of life by physical means that is through therapies. A combination of manual therapy, movement training and physical and electro-physical agents including heat and cold are used to achieve this.

Programme Objectives

The Bachelor in Physiotherapy programme at B.P. Poddar Foundation for Education has the following program objectives:

  • To focus on fundamental research and applications of physiotherapy
  • To develop the skills among the students to make them excel in healthcare niche
  • To impart effective knowledge and develop scientific research skills in physiotherapy
  • To assist the students in research and analysis endeavors in the realm of physiotherapy

Programme Outcomes

Physiotherapy graduates are encouraged to pursue further qualification to attain senior position in the professional field and to keep abreast with the recent advances, new technology and research. The professional should opt for continuous professional education credits offered by national and international institutes. The graduate will be made competent and reflective physiotherapy practitioner who can function safely and effectively while adhering to legal, ethical and professional standards of practice in a multitude of physiotherapy settings and applications for the patients and clients across the lifespan and along the continuum of care from wellness and prevention to rehabilitation of dysfunction.

Career Path

The career path after pursuing Bachelor in Physiotherapy is paved with numerous golden opportunities that will lead an aspiring student to a successful life and an outstanding career. On a positive note, the world has come to its senses that with great engineers, lawyers, doctors, and scientists the world also needs best-in-class physiotherapy who possess a great understanding of health science and diagnosis along with all relevant procedures. After completing this 4.5-year course of physiotherapy at B.P. Poddar Foundation for Education, the aspiring students will be made acquainted with an ever-blooming career whose real-time applications are never-ending.

Now, as per the skill set, interest, and aptitude attained, a student of Bachelor’s in Physiotherapy can have option to become

  • Hospitals and Rehabilitation centers
  • Health clubs
  • Sports and Spastic centers
  • Research areas
  • Sporting teams
  • Jobs in Teaching and Education
  • Jobs in Private Sector
  • Community and mental health center
  • Start your own physiotherapy clinic